Moore County Home Builders Association

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Moore County Home Builders Association
Moore County Home Builders Association

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Moore County Home Builders Association Moore County Home Builders Association Moore County Home Builders Association Moore County Home Builders Association

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.” ― Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability

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Why should you be a member?

If you work in or with the construction industry, you should be an MCHBA member. The benefits you get are numerous. There is strength in numbers. The more businesses join MCHBA, the stronger the construction industry grows. The bigger we are, the stronger we get and the more we benefit your business.


As an MCHBA member you get:


  • Regular communication and information through newsletters, member meetings, weekly emails and more about the local, state and national construction industry that you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Statistics that tell you how the industry is growing in Moore County to help you better position your business for future success
  • Information from the community’s top leaders that will help you better position your business for future success
  • Contact and influence with local, state and federal elected officials to let you express your views directly to the decision-makers
  • The opportunity to speak to high school students about the benefits of working in your industry, and possibly find future employees
  • Savings on more than 70 products you use in your daily professional and personal lives
  • Marketing opportunities that let you reach members who can give you business
  • Educational opportunities that will help you better manage your business
  • Charitable opportunities that let you help make Moore County a better place to live


You can download a membership application at Complete it and email it to We look forward to counting you as a member and supporter of the Moore County residential construction industry.


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Updates and News

Village of Pinehurst Moratorium

The Village Council is considering a nine-month moratorium on real estate development activities in two specific geographic areas within the Village of Pinehurst: the Village Place/Rattlesnake Trail and Pinehurst South/Highway 5 Commercial Areas as illustrated on the maps below. 

The moratorium is being considered to pave the way for development that’s aligned with the new visions established for these two Focus Areas in the Village of Pinehurst 2019 Comprehensive Plan so both new and existing development can thrive. The idea is not to thwart or discourage development, but rather temporarily pause it to allow the Village time to update its development ordinances to ensure future development will complement these historic and established neighborhoods.

In October 2020, the Village contracted with Design Collective Inc., a planning consultant firm, to develop two Small Area Plans and recommend changes to the Village’s zoning ordinances. The proposed moratorium is planned to last the duration of the small area planning process, or approximately nine months.  For more information about the Small Area Plans project, please visit Engage Pinehurst.

Proposed Tree Ordinance for Village of Pinehurst

The Village of Pinehurst is proposing amendments to the Pinehurst Development Ordinance
(PDO) to address landscaping and planting requirements for development within the Village’s
zoning jurisdiction. These amendments would make changes to the landscaping requirements
and standards for development as defined and outlined in the attached draft ordinance. Through
vast public input and comment at public meetings as well as with the adoption of the 2019
Comprehensive Plan, the desire of the public and direction of the Comprehensive Plan is very
specific. Trees represent an important part of the environmental, cultural, and historic fabric and
identity of the Village of Pinehurst. The ongoing loss of the Village’s mature tree canopy
through urbanization, without adequate standards for replacement, has been an ongoing
community concern reflected in the adopted 2019 Comprehensive Plan

Moore County Home Builders Association

Moore County Home Builders Association

Moore County Home Builders Association
P.O. Box 912
Aberdeen, NC 28315
Phone: 910-944-2992