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Moore County Home Builders Association

P. O. Box 912,
10022 NC HWY 211 E.
Aberdeen, NC  28315

Moore County Home Builders Association
Moore County Home Builders Association

(910) 944-2992

Moore County Home Builders Association Moore County Home Builders Association Moore County Home Builders Association Moore County Home Builders Association

Housing Industry Hears From Moore County’s Congressman

Housing industry hears from our Congressman

MCHBA and the Mid-Carolina Regional Association of Realtors discussed Washington
housing issues with Moore County’s US Rep. Richard Hudson on August 22.

More than 50 members from both associations spent about an hour reviewing the
mortgage interest deduction, flood insurance, real estate appraisals, energy codes and
more with Hudson and got straightforward responses to the questions.

“Most members have these form letters they send out when constituents ask questions,”
said Hudson, now serving his third term but his first representing Moore County. “I told
my staff to throw our form letters out and just answer the questions you ask. I try to be
as direct as I can with the people of my district.”

Hudson, the son of a home builder, said he supports the mortgage interest deduction.
The Trump administration has openly suggested in recent weeks that it might reduce
the MID cap, which has not changed since 1987, or eliminate the MID altogether.

“I consider (the MID), along with charitable deductions, to be the most important tax
deductions we have,” Hudson said. “It helps people establish estates and futures. We
can’t get rid of it.”

NAHB and NAR recently agreed with the House Financial Services Committee on a
proposal, HR 2874, to reauthorize funding for the National Flood Insurance Program
(NFIP) for five years. He agreed that NFIP needs to be reauthorized, but also said the
private insurance market needs to get involved.

“The government has to be involved in flood insurance to some extent,” he said. “We
can’t ask the private markets to pay for the entire cleanup of disasters like New Orleans
(Hurricane Katrina) or Hurricane Matthew. But the private markets do have a role to
Hudson said the Trump administration is working to eliminate the Obama-era Waters of
the US rule (WOTUS) that would have required the EPA and US Army Corps of
Engineers to review most plans to disturb any land near a body of water on a residential
lot. NAHB and NAR were among eight organizations that won a court injunction in 2015
preventing WOTUS’ implementation.

“That rule was ludicrous,” he said. “It basically made any puddle subject to review. The
House passed a law to eliminate WOTUS, but rules have to be dealt with by changing
the regulation. The administration is working on regulating it out of existence.”

Tim Venjohn, owner of Rhodes & Co. Realtors in Southern Pines, discussed the
difficulty Realtors and builders have with appraisals. While Hudson said he did not have
a lot of knowledge about the appraisal business, he did recognize how difficult it is right
now to do accurate appraisals when comparable properties cannot be measured.

Hudson has solid knowledge of energy issues as a member of the House Energy and
Commerce Committee. Builders explained the difficulties they face meeting energy
codes to produce affordable housing. MCHBA asked him to review HR 2361 which,
among other things, would require any new code proposal deliver a full utility savings
payback within 10 years.

“I haven’t seen the bill but if it does what you say, all of these are things I can support
strongly,” he said. “I’m for anything that can cut the bureaucratic red tape out of

GSE reform appears to be out of reach for the foreseeable future. Hudson said talk of
reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has faded in recent months, and he does not
expect to see it return before the 2018 midterm elections.

MCHBA thanks the Realtors Association for participating in the meeting. The two EOs
have agreed to put more joint programs together for the memberships in the future.

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    Moore County Home Builders Association

    Moore County Home Builders Association

    Moore County Home Builders Association
    P.O. Box 912
    10022 NC Highway 211 East
    Aberdeen, NC 28315
    Phone: 910-944-2992